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We keep a limited amount of livestock every year to maintain the quality and size of our herd.  One to two times a year, we sell select yearling cattle in the 800 to 1200 pound live weight range to people interested in naturally raised, high quality beef.  You purchase the animal directly from us, paying a fixed cost that is indexed to current livestock market pricing.  At this time, we only sell whole animals; but there is no charge for splitting an animal with friends or family.  We accept cash or check.

We partner with Oakland Lockers in Oakland, Oregon to butcher and process the meat to your specifications.  The cost of processing is additional to the price of the animal and is payable directly to Oakland Lockers.  They will call you when your order is ready so that it can be picked up.

  Oakland Lockers will ask a series of questions that ensure that you receive the end product that you wish, these include:

  • For how many people would you like the meat packaged?  Two people, or a family of 4 for instance.
  • How would you like the meat cut?  Steak thickness, percentage of steak vs. hamburger vs. roast?
  • Would you like any sausage, jerky or other special preparations?
  • Also, let us know if you would like the liver, heart and tongue of your animal.  Those are available when the animal is harvested, before the rest of your order.  If you don't want these cuts, we will give them away to local families.

If you would like to get on the waiting list for our animals, please call us at (541) 599-2257 or e-mail us at the address below.

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